I’m Julie BellyFire!

Professional Bellydance Performer and Teacher

I also go by BellyFire Bellydance….

I am an established Professional Bellydance Performer, as well as having successfully launched my bellydance school, BellyFire School of Bellydance.

I love the culture, the music, and the inclusiveness of the dance to mention just a few, and I use every opportunity to share this joy and enjoyment with others, whether it’s through high end professional performances in large scale shows, at corporate events, weddings, New Year celebrations, festivals or smaller more intimate events such as restaurants, rites of passage, hen dos, to teaching classes, workshops, and beyond.

So why am I called ‘BellyFire’?

Well…..partly it’s due to my passion for the art of bellydance, and the feeling of the fire of inspiration in the belly I get when I dance or teach. But it’s also because…in addition to bellydancing, I am also fully trained and insured to perform and teach bellydance with real fire props!

Do get in touch with me if you are looking for a Fire Bellydance performance, it’s a good way to bring an extra wow-factor to your event!