Hi, I’m Julie BellyFire!

I’m a professional bellydance performer and teacher based in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

Check out my classes on the ‘Classes’ page, sign up for a course or a drop in class.
If you’re looking to hire a bellydancer, hop on over to that page for the full details.


“I thought you were Moroccan, you dance like an arabic dancer” – restaurant customer, Oxford

“Thank you so much for a brilliant night! The girls absolutely loved it and you. You made it really special. I can’t thank you enough” – Vanessa, hen do organiser, Goring, Berkshire

“Thank you Julie, great workshop” – Donna, Maidenhead

“Excellent workshop Julie BellyFire thank-you. I think we got a lot out of it 🙂 Love to see you” – Tabitha, Basingstoke”

I really enjoyed it, thank you” – Gail, Bourne End

Your Questions Answered

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